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Locals Only 1.0 (The Artist Insight)

Auckland artist Clare Thomson is pretty undiscovered and low key about her talents, but over a few brews we convinced her to test her design skills on our counter top...Turns out she is one hell of an artist.

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Here is a little insight into the girl behind @clareyeyes
What would your autobiography be called?
“The Story of Clare and her awkward adventures”
I don’t know… interviews are awkward…
Would ya let us play your ‘recently played’ list on Spotify in the office? 
**checks Recently Played list** yeah, go on.
…And what could we expect to hear?
Currently a big fan of Halsey’s new album and loving the Dawn EP by Filous at the moment too.
You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
Teal… because it’s majestic AF!
In your past life what was your profession?
Probably a Mermaid. Wait, that’s not a profession…or is it?
What’s the most money you’ve ever drunkenly spent at McDonald’s?
Money is no object when you’re drunk at the drive-through. All the burgers! (I’m a big muncher…)
Tell us about yourself outside of art/design
I work in the print industry, working with Lion Nathan to bring their brands to life through the magic of cardboard displays and posters! YEEEAH! Sarcasm aside, I love my job.. It’s a lot of fun!
Outside of that I usually spend my time dabbling in photography, hanging out with my cat Luna (crazy cat lady – guilty), spending time with friends and planning the next adventure… hashtag Wanderlust!
What was the inspiration behind the Lost In Nowhere board?
I love working with black and white illustrations, and I think the Lost In Nowhere brand really lends itself to that style. Drawing mandalas are super therapeutic for me, I always feel so compelled to draw them and I get completely lost in my own little world when drawing them.
What’s the future look like in the way your design and art projects?
Working on the surfboard inspired me so much that I’m now currently designing a line of skateboard decks for wall art pieces! Keep an eye out!
How can people get in touch with your regarding board designs?
DM me on Instagram - @clareyeyes 
Clare's work is on display at the next Factory Markets August 20
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